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Arab Water Week 2017 Presentations


Day 1: 19th March, 2017

Opening Session

High Level Panel

ACWUA Session

Session 1: Water Partnership for Korea-Arab Cooperation:

Session 2: Water Governance & Integrity under change in the MENA: how to boost up implementation efforts?
Organized by: GWP-Med

Session 3: Scaling-up sustainable sanitation through the MENA Regional Chapter of the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) Organized by: GIZ -Jordan in cooperation with SDC

Session 4: Climate Change impacts on Water Resources and utilities

Session 5: Water Partnership for Korea-Arab Cooperation.

Session 6: Improving the water sector in a fragile environment in Palestine. Organized by: GIZ Palestine

Session 7: Water, Food, Jobs: For a Better Living” Ionization Rainfall Enhancement Technology as Key Solution Organized by Weather Tec (open Discusion)

Session 8: Climate Change impacts on Water Resources and utilities

Day 2: 20th March, 2017

Session 9 - Panel Discussion: Water energy and food nexus Organized by: Arab Union for Electricity (AUE)- (Open Discussion)


Session 10: Integrated Sludge Management

Session 11: Effective Utility Management Tools

Session 12: Ground Water Governance

Session 13: Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa organized by: World Bank

Panel Discussion: World Bank regional assessment for Water Security in the MENA region, Anders Jagerskog, World Bank

Panel members:

Moderator: Ghazi Abu Rumman, MENA NWC

Open Discussion

Rapporteur summary: Dambudzo Muzenda, World Bank

Session 14: Effective Utility Management Tools

Session 15: Effective Utility Management Tools

Session 16: Managing Ground Water aquifers towards sustainability

Session 17: Reaching the SDGs within the water sector in the Arab region: The importance of gender perspectives. Organized by: Sida (Open Discussion)

Panel members:

  1. Pasquale Steduto, FAO Regional Strategic Programmes Coordinator
  2. Erik Ullenhag, Sweden’s Ambassador to Jordan
  3. Roula Majdalani, Director, Sustainable Development Policies Division at UN-ESCWA
  4. Yana Abu Taleb, Deputy Director of EcoPeace
  5. Maysoon Zoubi, Secretary General of the Higher Population Council
  6. Anthi Bruma, Sr. Programme officer at GWP-Med


Session 18: Innovations in Unconventional Water Resources Management (Water Reuse, Desalination and Water Safety Plan)

Session 19: NRW diagnosis and Reduction Strategies

Session 20: Sustainable Human Resources Management

Session 21: Women Empowerment in Water Sector. Organized by: ACWUA (Open Discussion)

Moderator: Eng. Khaldon Khashman, ACWUA Secretary General, Jordan

Panel members:


Session 22: Innovations in Unconventional Water Resources Management (Wastewater Treatment and Reuse)

Session 23: Non-Revenue Water reduction as new water resources

Session 24: Managing water scarcity in the Middle East: a Global Partnership for Water and Development organized by: UNESCO- IHE

Day 3: 21 March, 2017

Session 25: Launch of the 2016 Report of the MDG+ Initiative: Lessons Learned for Informing the Water-related Sustainable Development Goals. Organized by: ESCWA

Session Agenda

Partners:   LAS, Sida and ACWUA

Session 26: Water Integrity. Organized by GIZ Egypt

Impact of Water Integrity on HCWW and Subsidiaries - Success Stories

Session 27: Local Water Security Action Planning (LWSAP). Organized by: REC

REC, WaterSUM Project, WaSe Component - introduction, Danko Aleksic, Expert II – Local Governance, Regional Environmental Center (REC)

Session 28: Utilities towards financial sustainability

Session 29: Strategic business planning for managing of utilities

Session 30: Future Strategic Planning

 Session 31: Energy Efficiency tools for water utilities

Session 32: General Water Resources Management (Master planning, Water Budget and Reallocation of resources)

Session 33: Water Demand Management in Jordan: New Partnerships to Address Old Problems. organized by The IAPMO Group

Session 34: Political unrest and impact on water utilities performance

Session 35: Energy Efficiency tools for water utilities

Session 36: General Water Resources Management (Master planning, water budget and reallocation of resources)

Closing Session

Location and Venue

area full of great hotels and restaurants.

This stunning conference center is uniquely located at the lowest point on earth on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan.
The Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is situated among famous attractions such as Mount Nebo, the Baptism site, Madaba and the Mujib Nature Reserve.


Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

This 5 star luxury hotel is situated on the edge of the famous salt lake - the lowest point on earth - and provides uninterrupted views across the vast sea towards the west bank and access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, including religious sites and majestic countryside.

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