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Arab Water Week 2013 Presentations


Session 13: Utilities Effectiveness and Efficiency-IV Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 14: Water Science for Policy and Governance-III Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 12: Utilities Effectiveness and Efficiency-III Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 11: Innovative Technologies and Private Sector-II Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 10: Water Safety Plans: Experience from Middle‐East and North Africa Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 1: Utilities Effectiveness and Efficiency-I

Session 2: USAID-MENA Improving the Adaptive Capacity of Water Managers in the MENA Region Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 3: Innovative Technologies and Private Sector-I Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 4: IWRM MSc Programme special session Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 9: Water Science for Policy and Governance-II Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 5: Utilities Effectiveness and Efficiency-II Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 6: German Water Partnership (GWP) special session Ishtar Ballroom-3

Session 7: Water Science for Policy and Governance-I Ishtar Ballroom-2

Session 8: German Water Partnership/IWRM MSc Programme Ishtar Ballroom-3

Location and Venue

area full of great hotels and restaurants.

This stunning conference center is uniquely located at the lowest point on earth on the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan.
The Kempinski Hotel Ishtar is situated among famous attractions such as Mount Nebo, the Baptism site, Madaba and the Mujib Nature Reserve.


Kempinski Hotel Ishtar

This 5 star luxury hotel is situated on the edge of the famous salt lake - the lowest point on earth - and provides uninterrupted views across the vast sea towards the west bank and access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, including religious sites and majestic countryside.

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